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 Tourism Unitary Enterprise “Belarustourist”

Tourism Unitary Enterprise “Belarustourist” is the oldest Belarusian tour operator  with a successful sixty-four-yeah-old work experience at the tourism service market. Belarustourist is the first and only tourism enterprise network consisting of eight hotels, eight sanatoriums and health resorts, its own  motor transport enterprise named “Belautotourist”, seventeen travel agencies situated in different cities of Belarus.

Domestic and international tourism is the priority of “Belarustourist”. During its long and successful work at the Belarusian hospitality market the company has offered its service to more than four hundred million tourists. Belarustourist employees’ activity is aimed at the creation of a high-quality tourism product, capable of providing necessary conditions for effective work and proper rest of a modern man.

We work hard at receiving guests in our country. All the hotels of Belarustourist are certified and supplied with all you need for a pleasant stay and business meetings.

Comfortable rooms, conference halls, cozy restaurants with a great variety of meals and an amazing entertainment program, friendly and helping staff and different kinds of extra amenities are at your service.

Event management, active and healthy recreation based on the best Belarusian traditions is just a tiny part of what the recreation centers of Belarustourist enterprise offer to their guests nowadays.


Today Belarustourist is a well-known and forward-looking brand at the tourism market.

Today Belarustourist is the one and only network of tourism companies with all the necessary complex and diversity of services in the Republic of Belarus.

Today Belarustourist is a team of like-minded people focused on the development of the Belarusian hospitality market.


30 Maxim Tank Str.



e-mail: sales@belarustourist.by

+ 375 17 203 72 08; + 375 17 203 76 08

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09.11.2011 Автор лучшей идеи о продвижении Беларуси поедет в Париж

Конкурс на лучшую концепцию продвижения Беларуси объявлен в рамках II Международного форума "Имидж Республики Беларусь: стратегия развития".

09.11.2011 Новые отели будут построены в Минске

В скором будущем на ул.Нарочанской в белорусской столице построят сразу два отеля, пишет агентство "Минск-Новости". Возведение отеля "Славянский" уже началось.

09.11.2011 На Новый год в белорусских санаториях уже мест нет

Бронировать путевки на новогодние каникулы в белорусские санатории нужно было в мае, сейчас же они уже все заняты.